Interior Design Consultancy

Oakley Interiors

Hello, my name is Julie.


My early working career had nothing to do with art or design. As many young people find, they have no idea of what career path to take until something happens to point them in a particular direction.


My change came after many years of helping friends and family with interior design and the associated problems, so when someone said to me “you really should do this for a living because you see the things we cannot see and just know what to do”, my future career was born.


Yes, I have been to college to train, and yes, I have paper qualifications, but none of that means anything unless you have design ‘within you’ and you can translate this into a form that your client can see and understand.


As my clients talk to me about their ideas and what they wish to achieve, a picture will form in my head…..the trick is….. making this a reality. I will work with you being sympathetic to your budget, lifestyle and the building in which we are to work.


I had the ideas and knew what I wanted but couldn't pull everything together in my mind. Julie stepped in and guided me through the process with mood boards and cuttings to help me. The overall effect is amazing and my lounge is a peaceful and stunning place in which to relax.

Ali M. St Neots

Julie's interior design skills are absolutely brilliant! I have seen her interior design skills in her own home and her eye for detail and colour are wonderful. I would have no hesitation in recommending her skills to any of my friends.

Lorraine Butcher

Julie is honest, dependable, reliable and takes pride in her work. Her enthusiasm, creative skills and thoroughness are observed in everything she does.

Mr and Mrs Eyre, Beds